Missing e {browser extension for tumblr}

Jun 12


I keep seeing this annoying bullshit on my dash, and I wonder why the hell I follow a Tumblr that posts annoying bullshit … and then I realize it’s the fucking sponsored posts that I hate. 

I’m really hoping missing e will let me block this shit, until I figure out how to get AdBlock to stop them. 

I don’t mind advertising, and I generally support advertising online because it’s how the bills get paid, but disrupting my otherwise enjoyable Tumblr browsing experience with truly obnoxious shit I don’t care about annoys me.

Sorry, Wil. Blocking Tumblr’s money-making is a sure-fire way to end up on a wonderfully horrible conference call with their staff and receive emails from their lawyer again.

Jan 28

Working on Missing e (reblog: “Poor, poor, successful guy.”)

Hey Folks,

I want to apologize for the time it has taken (and in advance for how long it might take) to get Missing e back up and running completely for Tumblr users.

You may find yourself needing to temporarily disable Missing e or some of its features to use certain features of Tumblr. Please know that I’ll be working on tweaking the new Tumblr interface soon!


I’m busy at work. Things are definitely interesting and I like what I’m doing, but I’m burned out some when I get home a lot of the time.

It may seem like ages ago, but I pretty much just moved to a different country, to one of the biggest, most complex cities in the world. I want to see more of this place. Go skating at Rockefeller Center.

My new apartment isn’t 100% ready yet. The furniture is built and I’m mostly unpacked, but there’s still painting to do and stuff to buy and set up. I don’t even have Internet there until next week.

I am spending several evenings in the next couple weeks doing technical phone interviews for an IT Director position at a family member’s company.

I am going back to Toronto, where I will be meeting with my real estate lawyer and the ex-to-be to finalize the separation agreement and sign all the closing documents for selling the house. On that note, it is also my now-meaningless wedding anniversary in three weeks. I am processing this.

Tumblr’s new interface looks great in some ways and poor in others. I want to hunker down and get Missing e back up and running, but it is slow going.

I apologize that it is taking more time than you or I would like, but perhaps you’ll understand.

Jan 04

Post Control Icons Gone Wonky? Here’s How to Fix It!

Looks like Tumblr has gotten around to making more of the post control buttons (delete, edit, etc) into icons!

This means that Missing e's feature which created these icons is now making the new ones look wrong.

To fix this, go to the Missing e settings page (here’s how), click on the Dashboard Features tab, and under the section called Dashboard Tweaks, un-check the box next to the line that says "Replace text dashboard controls with icons (delete, edit, queue, publish)".

In the next version, I’ll be fixing this so that the publish button and others that still don’t have icons will work when you turn that setting back on.

I’m sorry for the delay for the new version, but moving to NYC, starting a new job and getting / furnishing an apartment is pretty time-consuming.

(Source: blog.missing-e.com)

Dec 14

Reply Replies Problem

Thanks for the bug reports, folks. I will try getting to the issue with Reply Replies this weekend.

I’ve been sick for the past week, so it might take me a little bit.

Dec 05

Yesterday’s issue resolved and improving my response

It looks like yesterday’s possible issue with the “Delete Selected” button was not actually a problem.

I didn’t mean to scare Missing e users when I posted the warning, but I am committed to keeping you informed and only adding value to your Tumblr experience.

I believed that, though unconfirmed at the time, the issue was important enough to inform users about before I had a chance to verify it.

For future situations, I’m going to work on some tools on my end to make it easier for me to verify major issues more quickly. That way, I won’t post unconfirmed scary stuff.

Thanks so much for all the feedback you guys have given me on this!

Dec 04

Missing e 2.14.3 available - Fix for wonky-looking sidebar buttons (including for Bookmarker this time) -

I’ve made style changes to fix the sidebar buttons that seemed to have repeating icons (including for the Bookmarker feature, which I forgot in the last update).

Again, thanks for bearing with me. It has been a smooth move to New York, but it is still a move to a completely new place.

You can update Missing e here: http://missing-e.com/update

Missing e 2.14.2 available - Fix for wonky-looking sidebar buttons -

I’ve made style changes to fix the sidebar buttons that seemed to have repeating icons.

Thanks for bearing with me. It has been a smooth move to New York, but it is still a move to a completely new place.

You can update Missing e here: http://missing-e.com/update

Dec 03

Fixes for Tumblr Changes Coming Soon

Many users have noticed some garbling of the look of some Missing e features.

I will do my best to get a fix out for this today or tomorrow.

Please excuse the delay as I just moved from Toronto to New York City yesterday afternoon!

Nov 12

Using Chrome Beta, Dev or Chromium? Give me some time!

Looks like there are some lingering issues with Missing e on non-stable versions of Chrome. Issues include Missing e control icons not showing on posts and the Quick Reblog menu not always showing up.

I will be looking into this problem today.